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newbie questions about chokes,shells,patterns,diaphram calls

I just bought some remington nitro # 5's and some federal flitecontrol wad # 4 i have an undertaker choke for both shells (lead and copperplated) and a ventilator choke for the nitros (lead only) ive never really dealt with chokes b4 or different turkey loads so any info on all the items is greatly appreciated

is a 26" VR barrel to long for turkey i will be hunting in heavily wooded area i was hoping to get something somewhat shorter like 21- 23" but it was a gift and I was VERY greatfull to get it b4 my B-day it is a remington 870 3" mag

if a special load claims to be up to 30% tighter pattern and the choke claims to be up to 90% tighter patterning does both factors combined have the possibility of being a 100%+ perfectly patterned firearm, like to take a turkeys head clean of his neck say at 30 yds im new to turkey hunting so any help would be greatly appreciated

also ive been practicing my diaphram calls and i make sounds but im not sure if im using my mouth or tongue right some people say i sound like a rooster 1st thing in the morning and its getting a little intimidating can someone write the turkey diaphram call for dummies book please

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newbie questions about chokes,shells,patterns,diaphram calls

when i first started hunting turkeys i went to Wal Mart the year before and bought some "stuff" on sale. Rem. super full choke (for lead ), #5 Winchester Turkey loads, a hen decoy, and assorted calls. I've been using the same things the last 4seasons and have 6 Toms under belt and alot of good memories and a fire lit from that first Tom that I'll never be able to put out. what alot of fun those turkeys are. keep practicing the diaphram call, maybe get a box call til' proficient with the mouth call. and get a video to help out. the choke and ammo i use have been good out to 70 yds. take the gun out pattern your shells and go have some fun!!

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