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newbie question

I was talknig to my friend about shooting bows and arroms and he said bowstrings hit your forearm or wrist everytime you shoot it is he right?

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newbie question

Depends on your brace height.

My recurve does hit my forearm but my compound never hits it. I use an arm guard with my recurve so its no big deal.

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newbie question

No he is not right. I will often depend how you hold the bow and how locked your elbow is. I've never had a problem with the string hitting my arm, I've caught quite a few loose sleeves though.

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string hitting arm

If the string hits your arm your draw length could possibly be too long for ya .Try shortning up the draw length.It could also be the grip U have on the bow .After a few strikes with the string on your arm you'll soon figure out what's the problem thenail

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newbie question

first welcome to the site,then to your question my bow string never hits my arm,i think it is how you hold it Yes

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newbie question

I'd have to say I've never had that problem either with a compound bow. I usually keep a slight bend in my elbow.

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newbie question

String slap is a matter of being over drawn or a matter of improper elbow position. You have to turn that elbow to the ground or "raise the elbow" as the saying goes. Makes for proper form and better shooting anyhow so if your feeling the sting its time to address a form change or drawlength change quick like.

Observation.... You see alot of guys wearing arm guards anyhow so what gives are they all shooting equipment that doesnt fit them or in bad form. Answer No not really. Alot of guys are using that arm gaurd as a clothing gaurd so as to keep the string from hitting bulky clothing. Also it isnt uncommon to find your self in an odd position in the field and wel maybe that form isnt quite right and that elbow dips. Some people never get over string slap but I think many of the folks that do have a problem with it could solve it with some form coaching and proper equipment sizing.

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newbie question

As most everyone else has stated.
Draw length is long and elbow in
Keep a slight bend in the bow arm with the elbow turned out.
I don't have a problem with the compounds because there is a set draw length that won't allow me to over straighten the bow arm.
With the traditionals I wear an arm guard.
When I'm hunting. I wear a guard. Just because.

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