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newbie here

Hi everyone.  Newbie to this site.  Have spent alot of time reading forums etc.  Midfifties hunter going on my first elk hunt next fall in Montana.  Bob Marshall,  near the Chinese Wall.  Can't wait.  Here am mostly whitetail hunter.  In the past have raised and trained pointing dogs,  and been a judge for AKC field trials and tests and NSTRA  (National Shoot to Retrieve Assn)   Owned the 1989 National Gordon Setter shooting dog champion.

     I am enjoying reading all the stories, tips, etc.  here.  May the wind always be in your face


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Hi there. I am pretty new

Hi there. I am pretty new also. Good luck on your elk hunt this fall, Bob is gorgious country.  If you are interested, Howard Coperhaven wrote a series of books about outfitting in the BOB, great reads.  They can be found at Stoneydale Pub, in Stevensville, MT.  They have a website you can order from, awsome books that are off the beaten path.  I have bought 30-40 books from them over the last 3 years.

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Welcome to the forum,

Welcome to the forum, birddog.  There's some beautiful country in the Bob.  I hope you have a great hunt.

I have two of Coperhaven's books.  They are VERY entertaining, especially for anyone who has stock or has been around stock in the backcountry.

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Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard guys.  We are glad that you are here.  Enjoy the stories and feel free to join in.

I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR stories and especially interested in learning any tips for successful hunts that you might have to share for next season!

Good luck on your hunts and be safe out there,



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