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Newbie to the Archery world needs advice

Hey guys and gals, even though I'm a fairly seasoned biggame hunter here in Colorado with rifle and muzzleloader, I've recently acquired a bow and yes, I plan on using stick and string for biggame this year. I posted on last years elk and deer hunt last Sep. in the Rocky Mt. section on this great site about calling in a bull for a new bowhunter friend who took that bull using a High Country Safari 55 pd compound bow. In appreciation he gave me his 65 pound High Country Safari he used to take numerous whitetails back home in Tennessee with. He went to the 55 pound due to shoulder problems and graciously gave me his standby till then. I know it's a mid to late nineties bow not a newer model with all the bells and whistles but after seeing what he did with a 55 pound model on that elk at 50 yards with aluminum arrows it made me see you can get it done without having the latest high tech model. Like with gun hunting getting the projectile in the vitals is what counts.

I took this bow in to a local archery shop where  they are awaiting the new strings to come in which they are putting on it. I'm going to get fitted for arrows and buy any other gear I need once they call me when it's done. Fortunately here in Pueblo Co we have an excellent archery range at Lake Pueblo put up by the Colorado DOW with short and long ranges which is about ten minutes from my home. I plan on pretty much spending as much free time there as I can from now until Sep. to be ready to hunt.

I've never been a bow shooter up to this point, but have had friends and an uncle who have hunted and been succesfull with one. What leads me to believe I can do this is a friend of mine had me shoot his bow once a couple years ago. With his guidance at that time giving me pointers and tips I was able to hit a ten inch bull at 25 yards after his lessons fairly consistently. To me shooting is pretty much the same whether rifle or bow going to the basics, aiming, minimizing movement, and releasing or pulling the trigger without jerking. I don't think it's going to be easy by any means, but I feel I have the basics down enough that with guidance and practice, practice, practice, and more practice, I can be able to hit the vitals of an elk out to 30 yards max. I will be limiting myself to that range and will try to get much closer if possible. I do have experience calling in elk during the rut and taking them with muzzleloader so I'm not a total rooky in that regard either.

So, as a newbie what advice can you give me in terms of arrows for practice and hunting, practice heads or tips and hunting heads or tips, and advice about getting to the range and practicing, andy any other thing I need to know.

The bow has a 'whisker biscuit' peepsight and pins as well. I want to keep things as simple as possible in terms of just getting what I need to be effecitively accurate to hunting ranges. I know from some of the shows I scan you can get pretty technical regarding all the extras you can put on a bow. I don't want that at this time, rather as simple as it can be to send an arrow into a vital killl zone at moderate ranges.


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Sounds like your set !!!


Congrats on the bow and wanting to hunt with it ! Archery hunting is all I did for years and there is nothing like it.

It sounds like you are already on the way to being a successful archery hunter. Keep it basic and simple. As you have already said practice, practice, and more practice. Your setup is good and even with all the toys out there you can't get much better for where you are at right now and you have the perfect attitude.

One more thing learn to judge yardage !!! DO NOT rely on a range finder. As you said you already know how those elk come in sometime and you never know if you just happen into one.

Good luck on your quest and happy archery hunting in 2011.


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