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Baiting without using bait

I tried posting some photo's but get an error message about bbcode.
I have taken 3 bears with bow and passed up many. I have guided many hunters who have also taken bears with this method. We are allowed to use bait here, but to bring them in you have to use scents. Sometimes the bears will come in but its the hunter who screws up the set up by moving, smoking cigs, chewing tabacco, basically not taking the steps to help him or herself out to harvest a bear. Some of these hunters never hunted bear before but amazingly come with the attitude they know it all as they have been deer hunting for 20 odd years. I tell them deer won't eat you bears can and we're not hunting deer. Some listen , some don't. the one's that listen usually get their bear. The one's that don't most times leave without even seeing one.

Hunt hard or go home

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heck, made me hungry just reading the recipe...

Had to go to lunch after reading that post....mmmmm, mmmm. come and get it yogi!!!

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meda - Great tips, but unfortunately in Washington we can not even use scents or attractants for bear hunting. I was even told by enforcement that I was "pushing it" by using elk cover scent while useing a cow elk call for bears. Seperately they are ok, but together they represent a "food source".

I am sure that a judge would see it my way, but I sure don't want to shell out the cash to find out.

wcox2005 - What part of SW WA? You might try over Yacolt way. Looking for fresh bear damaged trees from March through July is a fast way to figure out if there are bears in the area. Take a look at the harvest reports from the last 5 years or so at the F&G website.

I have had great success with predator calls and cow elk calls on the coast.

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i m down in the longview kelso castel rock area i mostly hunt the ryderwood hunting unit but i think thats gona have to change

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Well I know that there are alot of bears in that area. Sounds like you will just have to go find them. Here are the numbers from the last 5 years of harvest reports. (Not sure if 2005 are posted yet)

Year Bears killed
2004 14
2003 11
2002 11
2001 5
2000 6

I think you will just have to bone up on bears and their habits, go scout and it will happen. Predator calling for bears can work and if you are in there "kitchen" they will come. Of the 12 bears I have killed, most have come to a predator call or cow elk call.

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I've never tried it but some guy's call bears with preditor calls. Worst thing that can happen is you have to shoot a coyote or a bobcat! I've only gone looking for bears in Montana and there we glassed clear cuts. Saw dozens of bears a year. They do the same on the "Snake River" in N.E. Oregon.

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