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New York State ’ballistic fingerprinting’ update


I think this is worth sharing:


“I wanted to send along a brief update to let you know that the state senate voted last night (June 13) to REPEAL and discard the state's ill-conceived and worthless ballistic imaging program (COBIS).


Senate bill 459 was approved by a bipartisan vote of 38 to 22. I voted "yes" to get rid of this expensive program that has not accounted for one arrest, one indictment, one conviction in its eleven year and $40 million history. COBIS wastes the time of state police, dealers and is a burden on firearms owners who want to exercise their Constitutional right to own handguns.


In 2000, I voted "no" on the original legislation creating the program

- and with my colleagues warned then that COBIS would be a colossal waste of public money and wouldn't catch one criminal who uses a handgun to commit a crime. Those of us who voted against it were right then, and we're right now.


Now it goes to the assembly.


I will continue to fight to get rid of burdensome impediments to your right to own and possess firearms for lawful purposes.




Senator Jim Seward