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A new Turkey Hunter

Hunting with Adam. Let's see, new turkey hunter, fresh from Wisconsin. 13 years old, excited about big Rio Grande gobblers at the gun, and there to hunt. This sums up my first impressions of Adam, I had a potential killer on my hands.

Day one in Northwest Oklahoma, proved difficult. The morning set up was a bust when the birds all flew away, off the property. With little knowledge of the birds current daily habits we were kicked to bumbling around bumping turkeys. We learned alot, but none the less after several close encounters and some uh oh meetings, we were birdless.

Morning two at Southbound, sent Jay, Adam, Brad, and myself to school again. We set up to intercept yesterdays fly down path and were treated to yet another option. Foiled again but not foiled into submission. One thing was starting to stand clear, most all turkey activity and sign said the embankment overlooking the river at the back of the wheat field was Turkey Grand Central. All the turkeys were funneling through there during the day at some point. This afternoon we would set up on this site and try a soft hen talk near the roost strategy.

Getting in early, Adam and I set up 75 yards up the bank from several roost trees. There was gobbler and hen droppings under the trees and all over the main deer trail. We knew from listening two days prior this was the destination all these turkeys had in mind for that evening. We set up a few hen dekes in a walking position headed towards the roost trees behind us. We hoped the dekes would hasten toms approach so we didnt get run over by hens in the waiting. Some of that worked some of it didnt. More on that later.

After a figety couple of hours and several honor gobbles from the field above us, (off the property) Adam says, "I see turkeys". Easing up through the woods is three jennies. They meander on by and we pass the acid test of turkey eyes all over us. Im beginning to gain some serious confidence this is going to work. We settle back in and wait for the inevitable arrival of the rest of the birds.

Thirty minutes later there it is again. Adam says, " I see turkeys". Popping into view is 5 hens, adult hens with a looming shadow in tow. One big gobbler, no two big gobblers. I see Adams gun begin to waver and the coaching starts. Be totally still, dont move your head, head down on the stock. Dont move. The hens ease in while the gobbler starts strutting up the hill. To make things just a tad more shakey, one more big tom eases into view, this is crazy, were covered up. Big smile

Here are me and Adam on bare trees with little cover with hens less than 7 yards from us. Three big gobblers moving up the bank to the right in easy gun range and plain sight. We cant move, were hemmed up, in a real turkey hunting moment, that breaks many men with far more experience.

After a close inspection of the dekes and alot of small talk amongst the hens the birds ease up the bank towards Brad and Jay. Adams dad is in perfect position to smash the pumkins on these scoundrels, so were not trying anything rash. As turkey hunting sometime goes were stuck, pinned down by hens, with a tough decision to make. Move the gun and bust the whole hunt, or be a turkey hunter, and relish in the close encounter. In doing so, giving your pop a chance at a trophy gobbler you passed up.

My hunter Adam, did everything right. As you can see we got the whole experience on film right down to the big gobbler looking down from the hill and saying goodbye. I edited that video today and am workign on some other clips from the rest of y'alls group. Wont be long and we'll have something for you guys to look at.

Adam it was a great turkey hunt and despite you not killing that turkey, I think you and I both know right then you became a turkey hunter. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Enjoyed it !

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A new Turkey Hunter

Sounds like Adam was coached very well Yes An experience I'm sure he'll not soon forget Big smile