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New to turey hunting Need Help

I think im going to turkey hunt for the first time ever this year what call would u guys use for western pennsylvania also woud you use a blind or just a still hunting area?

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New to turey hunting Need Help

I'm from western PA and I bagged my first three gobblers over there....I now live in Northeast PA but I still have areas to hunt over that way....there is really no particular call to use...this is something you have to develop out in the field depending on the mood of the gobblers and how they respond to you.....to be honest with you if you can find some good active birds you don't have to do much calling...I think lots of people "over"call too much....some soft yelping and clucks with some purring will work sometimes...other times very aggressive cutting and what not will work....like I said it all depends on how they are responding to you .....if they are henned up then they are tougher to hunt...sometimes they only like very little calling....etc. etc....the best thing to do is learn the calls....sometimes mouth calls work better than box calls...other times box calls are better than mouth calls.....these birds are very exciting so its good to know how to use the calls and have a good array of differnt ones available...I have been out in the field and have used a bunch of calls and nothing would work then I switch to a completely different call and "bam" they come running in.....another good thing to do is read some books on turkey hunting...try to learn about these birds and their nature....they are not like deer...they have very keen senses and you have to interact with them to win the game....I have never used a blind, cause I like to walk and call and when I find a active gobbler then I will set up and call him in....Good luck and usually the best way to learn these birds is get out there and try your luck with them...trust me you probably will make lots of mistakes at first but you will surely learn from them! Good luck!