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New "Small" Hunt Club - What should the club pay for?

Hey Folks,

I am going to post this in the deer section - seems like not many people look at the lease section...

I am starting a small 4 member club in SC for 2011... we will have 270 acres.

All members will share equally in the club - no special or "private" areas.

The first three members dues will cover the lease fees (we have three members now - looking for a fourth) - the fourth member's dues will be used for food plot money and "other" expenses - which is the reason for this post.

I am personally providing all of the stands (about 15 of them - all metal) and am also providing the tractor and all implements for the club.

We have agreed that the club will pay for tractor fuel, seed and fertilizer.

What other costs do you feel would be appropriate for the club dues to cover?

Here are some questionable items:

2 trail cameras

shooting bench

shooting backstop

power pole and related breakers, etc... at camp area (I am the only camper, as of right now)

cost of pin in board and maps

deer cleaning station with winch

supplemental winter feeding

I know that one line of response will be that these issues should be discussed when the rules and guidelines are set up - and most of the rules have already been discussed and agreed upon... I am just trying to decide what I should and should not ask my members to contribute to...

I am thinking that I will cover the power pole initially and if we gain some campers... I willl ask them to share in the power pole....

Thoughts and recommendations?



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Work days

Most clubs have "work days" where each member is required to work an agreed upon amount of hours and those that can't or won't work can pay a fee to not work their hours and those fees be used for improvements such as shooting bench and stop.

Yours, however is pretty small and there should not be a problem with either figuring how much the materials would cost and add it to the lease fee and have a few work days where everyone could do the labor involved with the constructing and plots preparations, planting and general land management ie; roads, ditches, right of way clearings and stand maintenance.

Food plot seeds, fertilizer, lime, tractor fuel and maintenance should be part of the club fees with maybe the owner of tractor and equipment catching a break on the fees.

I can not see the Club paying for the trail cams or power pole if only one member will benefit from those purchases.

Of course it all depends on the Laws that may govern leases which some states have as well as those rules and limitations that the landowner may impose.


Our club provides a primitive camp ground and a shooting range and helps the land owner maintain roads and drainage ditches and gates and such as well. The Landowners management company requires a Game Scale to weigh our deer, a cleaning station so that gut contents can be analyzed and jaws can be removed and examined along with antler measurement. The money for that is taken with the lease fees. We have our own parcel that we lease, mine is approx 140 acres, and we are responsible for our own food plot, stands and any roadways/access routes on and/or thru our particular trac. We are allowed to do pretty much whatever we want that is legal and does not damage any Pine trees in any way.

There is a tractor available with implements for us to use but there is a "rental fee" we must pay to use it but it is very reasonable and is not really club property just something one of the members donated I suppose. 

Welp I hope this helps some. Leases can be a touchy thing as is anything where different folks get together and pay for something that they all will use. There are always different "understanding" of what each member will be responsible for and will benefit from when you have several folks involved so be sure to spell out EXACTLY those things and strictly adhere to them.

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