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New Scope, See-Through Rings, Iron Sights


Have a dilemma and google isn't helping me very much. Recently bought a new scope for my rifle (Sportsman 78 composite) My old scope was mounted on Weaver see-through rings that were directly mounted to the gun. I couldn't get the scope back far enough for proper eye relief, so in order to shoot (and see through the scope) I would have to stretch out my neck to bring my eye closer, not very comfortable, and I compromised stability too. Also, with the new scope and caps I bought, my view of the top of my iron sights was blocked on the old mounts.

So, after buying my new scope, I bought new mounts. A one piece weaver style base, and some see-through rings. I can get the scope back to where I need it now thanks to the multiple slots in the base, but now I can barely see the top of my rear iron sight above the base. So I'm asking for some advice.

The scope is a 3-9x40mm. The area I'll be hunting in, I would rarely be making a shot over 100 yards (in fact I've only ever made 1 shot at over 100 yards). Obviously my goal is to be able to use my iron sights in the event I need to make a close shot.

What would you do in this situation?
Should I compromise eye relief comfort for use of my iron sights and go back to the old rings?
Is there a way to adjust or shim the iron sights so I can align them with the new base/rings on?
Should I forget the iron sights and see-through rings and just mount my scope with standard rings?

Thanks for any input, I certainly appreciate it.

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Well, personally, I would

Well, personally, I would still keep it so you can see the iron sights the best.  Back in Vermont, my hunting is very similar to what you describe, no shots really over 100 yards.  I use a Marlin 30-30 lever action, with see through mounts.  Truth be told, the 4 bucks I have taken were at 6, 8, 11, and about 15 yards.  Used a scope on one, but really didn't need to.  In the other 3, I was happy to have a clear view of my iron sights.

I too have to stretch to get in proper position, but not that much, and it's not that uncomfortable for me.  But, that's just my opinion.  Go with what you feel comfortable with.

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Way back in my younger days I

Way back in my younger days I thought that having see through rings would be the cats meow on a hunting rifle for those close in shots. I couldn't afford a scope or rings for that matter for quite a while so I did all my hunting with either open or peep sights out west here. Then I bought my first scope for a high power rifle. It was a 3x9x40 Redfield. I found out that if I learned how to turn the scope down to 3 power while walking through the woods that I had no problems throwing the rifle up to my shoulder and finding the target. I never did think about see through rings again.

So if I was you I would just go with some standard rings, and then once everything is set up I would start to practice throwing the rifle up to my shoulder and getting the sight picture through the scope. Also get used to looking through the scope on 3 power and practice at the lower power and you should be OK.

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One of the things I didn't

One of the things I didn't like about see thru rings was that the scope had to be mounted higher. Then when I actually looked thru a set, the base and rings did bloce the view of open sight's. I like open sight's but have seldom hunted with them. I found the best sight set up for muself was a low fixed power scope mounted low on the rifle. My two favorite scope's for hunting were a 2 3/4x Redfield widefield and a 4x Redfield widefield. I'm not sure it the widefield was really much benifit but it ddid seem the scope was just a bit lower.

The thing today is for high power variables. 4x12x seem's to be just an entry level, no clue why people would hunt with something like that. Hunting in relatively short range condition's as you do I just cannot imagine a better answer than a fixed 2 3/4x scope. I recall from years ago, as it got darker out, the sight's became harder to use. Even on the rear aperture sight with the insert gone, failing light wasn't good. on the rear aperature sight, light is required to center the front bead. The secret to those sights and removing the insert was that the bead automately centered because the strongest light was exactly on the center of the aperature, even with the insert removed. I have old eyes now and that rear apeture would have to be the size of a 4" pipe for me now but, the low power scope remain's very very good.