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New Scope

I just bought a new rifle. I needed a scope due to I sold my old rifle with the scope. A friend of mine was nice and bought me a new scope, kinda an early xmas gift. Anyway the scope has an adjustable Obj. lense. I have never had a scope with AO not sure how to use it. Any info would be great. The book told me nothing

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New Scope

The AO is for adjusting parrellex. That term is kind of hard to define but here is the best definition I could find.

A condition that occurs when the image of the target is not focused precisely on the reticle plane. Parallax is visible as an apparent movement between the reticle and the target when the shooter moves his head or, in extreme cases, as an out-of-focus image.

This is pretty much a target shooting feature if you are hunting I would just set it at 100 yards and leave it. Most center fire scopes without an AO are internally set at 100 yards.

Side note: Most rimfire and shotgun scopes have a parelex adjustment of 50-65 yards.