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New rifles

Bou8ght a new Mossberg Patriot this past winter. Nothing much else to do so I got one in 243. Has a wood stock and is pretty good looking. They run right at $400 with the wood stock. Have another 243, mod 700 and shoot 75gr V-Max in it. The rounds from one don't fit in the other which is alright with me. In the Mossberg I loaded 70gr Sierra Match Kings. Wow, if someone had told me these Mossberg's shot that well, I would not have believed them. So got ready to get another and got another Patriot, this time in 308. Only plan on shooting cast bullet's in this one. With 180gr cast I'm getting just under 2" at 100yds. One of my rifle's shooting jacket's bullet's like that wuld go down the road! But didn't know what to expect with cast bullet's. Anyway trying to do better I got a mold for a 150gr bullet and it didn't do any better with them. Gonna hunt deer this year with that cast rifle and see what I'll see. Will have a rifle shooting jacketed bullet's along just in case. I don't figure on shooting over 150yds and hopefully not even that.


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