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New rifle which one?

I recently came back from a successful elk hunt where I carried a Remington 700 police in .308. What I learned is that rifle is fun to shoot, accurate but not designed as a hunting rifle. It is now sold. I have decided to change to a 7mm Rem. mag for the caliber, but don't know which rifle to get. I liked the Remington, but I am also considering a Browning A-bolt Stainless Stalker or Winchester model 70. Are these of equal accuracy? Does it really come to how they feel?

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New rifle which one?

Fit and feel are important. If you don't like it, you probably wont want to use it and Id be willing to take it off your hands for next to nothing so you can start saving for the rifle of your dreams Big smile

Buy what you like. Some of us swear by controlled feed like the Mauser actions and dislike the push feed because of what we hunt, where we hunt. Winchester M70, CZ550, FN Mausers, Ruger M77 for that reason. But a god set of iron sights to back up a scope is really nice as well. As for 7mm Rem Mag, nothing at all wrong with that.