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new rifle stock

I am currently shooting a sako stainless synthetic 300 whby. mag and am tired of the weight and would like to re-stock.Does anyone have any ideas on who to go to for a good lt.wt. fiberglass/kevlar replacement stock.
thank you

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new rifle stock

Yes, that’s not so difficult, dear mr. claycrusher! You can order a synthetic stock at SAKO’s, they offer these replacements for the model 75 .300 Wby Magnum. But the difference is slite, I think some 100 grams. If you do prefer a light rifle, take an apropriate caliber. If you want a lightweight in .300 Weatherby Magnum, the recoil will throw you some yards off your mark! Suggestion: transfer two pounds of your bodyweight into your rifle and you are done! It’s the cheapest way to get your mountainrifle and you will feel better anyway!

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new rifle stock

I just lost 45 lbs to the ozone but it missed my rifle and I don,t miss the wieght. I only shoot a 54 cal B.P. and it only pushes. But I guess it's better to be pushed around by a 54 then kicked around by a 300 mag.