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New Rifle, Remington 710?

I'm looking for a new rifle that can be used for everything from white tail and mule deer, to bear, to elk. Was thinking about something in .300 Wby Mag or .300 Win Mag, maybe the .300 WSM. Wasn't sure if a 30-06 would be up to the task to reliably put down bear. I want to have good range, 200-250+ yards and be sure with a well placed shoulder shot that the bear isn't going anywhere far, is that possible with these calibers? Last thing I want is an aggravated bear.
Also, has anyone used the new Remington 710 models, they are chambered in both 30-06 and .300 Win Mag. I'm leaning towards it because of affordability, but also looking at a Weatherby Vanguard. Any ideas, if there is something other than these that would be better let me know. I'm not rich so I'm looking for something pretty affordable. Thanks.

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New Rifle, Remington 710?

Look into Savage. They are very accurate out of the box. Some will say that they are "ugly" but as forest gump said: "ugly is, as ugly does". There certainly isn't anything ugly about the way these shoot. They are very affordably priced. As to the question about which caliber.....Depends on which kind of bear you're talking about. Black Bear: 30-06 or 300 win is enough, Grizzly: I'd want a 338 win. as for elk, deer etc 06 or 300 are plenty. The 300 wsm round is a real shooter, I had one that with a lil load delevopment shot a 3 shot group under .70 inches at 200 yards (.35 MOA). I'm not sure if Savage chambers the WSM line but its worth checking out. The 300 wsm or 300 win with a 200 grain nosler partition at approx 2800 FPS (max load) at the muzzle is still traveling at 2300 FPS at 250 yards with approx. 2400 foot pounds of energy. So its still packin enough punch.

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New Rifle, Remington 710?

Although I am usually a Remington fan the 710 is not one that I would recommend. It is built cheap not up to the quality of the 700 and for the same amount of money you could get the vanguard or the savage which are both great options. The savages are usually great shooters as well.

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