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New Property.....Nice!

Just talked to my Dad before he headed into the woods for his afternoon hunt. He just got back from church, where he says some new people have showed up for 2 weeks in a row now.  Turns out, they own 100 acres, give or take, just down the road from where we hunt now.  They told my dad that as long as he talks to their son, we can hunt there.... Wink

He might take a walk there later in the week to see what it's like, but it looks like it'll be a new spot for next year. Always good to find new property, especially in a place like Vermont where almost all the property is private, and mostly posted land.

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new piece of land

There's little better than finding a new hunk of land to hunt, especially one close to where you already do some hunting. Walking it for the first time checking sign, etc., is a ton of fun. Looking for possible future stand sites, marking tress, perhaps trimming some shooting lanes months before the next season rolls around is a great way to prepare. Congratulations on your new acquisition and I wish you and your Father great success in your new area.  Yes

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Very cool. Congrats

Very cool. Congrats