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New Property Website - Promo Code for BigGameHunt members


We have been working on a hunting property listing website for some time. We have been testing with fake listings and we think we are ready for real world testing now. We want to fill up our site with real property listings that are ready for real hunters. In order to do that we know we have to put the "bait" out. We will always have a free listing. However, for members we are offering All of our paid listings for free as well. 

After you are done making your listing and you get to the point where it is time to pay, enter the promo code: BIGGAMEHUNT. This will give you a 100% discount on any listing. This offer is valid until 11/30/14.

We are a property listing service designed by hunters. Here is how it works. First, landowners list their property on our website (for free). Then, hunters use our advanced tools to choose their perfect property to hunt on. Our listing types include For Rent, For Sale, and Blind Rental (daily rate). We are particularly proud of our Blind Rental listing. This listing type comes with an integrated calendar feature (free as well). This allows landowners (who just so happen to be hunters themselves) to hunt on their own property and rent out their property for only the days that they are not hunting.


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