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New Mexico or Colorado Mulie hunt

I am handicapped (little stamina and a hurt leg) looking for a good Mulie hunt in New Mexico or Colorado for the 2011 or 2012 season.  Please e-mail me with info.

GOD bless



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Hey Penny, do a google search

Hey Penny, do a google search and type in "Disabled hunt outfitter" and either "New Mexico" or "Colorado".  I just did that, and came up with bunches of links that say they have disabled hunts available.  Just be sure that when you start looking into this, you make sure to get names of references for people who have hunted there, especially disabled hunters.  You do not want to just fork over the $$$$ on their word that they offer the hunts, then get there, and find that they just park you on a ridge somewhere and tell you to shoot whatever walks by.  Make sure to find one that will work as hard for you as they would for someone who can go everywhere.

Good luck!

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I was pleasantly surprised at

I was pleasantly surprised at teh number of outfitters willing to accomodate handicapped hunters.  It is nice that we have come to this point in society where we recognize that disabilities should not be limiting and with some accomodations the outdoors is for everyone.