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New mexico mountain lion hunting

A buddy and i decided to go up to 5b to do some coyote hunting and decided to buy a mountain lion tag because we had seen some large cat tracks earlier in the summer. So we set up in a narrow canyon with large rocky cliffs on both sides and began to use the jack rabbit call. Well not thirty minutes later 20 yards away came a lion. The lion looked us both dead in the eyes and didn't even focus on the moving rabbit decoy set in front of us. Then the lion went back into the woods and tried to circle around behind us... he got within ten yards moving with his chest to the ground and i was able to pull my shotgun out and got him dead in the face with buck shot. The lion was kind of young so i was worried what game and fish would say but i took the pelt in this morning and they said it was the first lion they had seen without the use of dogs! And they took out the molar and tagged the pelt.

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Very cool you got it done

Very cool you got it done without dogs. Not an easy task. Congrats!!!

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Nice little lion! Congrats!!!

Nice little lion! Congrats!!!

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Congrats on the cat, that

Congrats on the cat, that will save a lot of deer and maybe some elk and sheep.

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Keep it up. I've heard of people calling them with cow elk calls but never with tags in their pocket. Definitely the first instance of someone killing one with a predator call.

NM really needs more people killing cats and coyotes so I am grateful for what you did.

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