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New Mexico elk hunt recap!

Wednesday moring me abd my hunting buddy headed back to Wills canyon were we had seen sone cows and heard a couple of bulls tgwe previous day. As we were headed to thr trail head we saw a few cows up on the hill side in a open meadow so we pull past it and park ans head up the hill to try to get ahead of them and try to get a shot.The mountain looks a little steep but no big deal until we get galf way up to tge first ledge..man its alot steeper then it looks man I already worn outSo we stop and catch out breath and ease up of the first bench and tge cows are about 75 yrds ib front slowly feeding up hill.As we slowly stalk forward of to my left I hear a bull bugle now I have a choice chase cows tgat you can see or a bull you can't... so I vear left and up towards the bugles. I com up to a draw and hear the bull bugleing up o. the other side to see if I can locate him. As I start making my way across I notice my buddy no where to be found ...ok so hes still after them cows I hope. I chace the bugles for about 45 minutes and notice he's bulging lease and just chuts up so I ease up the ridge hoping to find him after another our and no sighn of the bull or my buddy I head back to the truck. Make it back to tge truck and wait about 45 mins before my buddy shiws back up saying he got busted at 50 yrds drawing on a cow and got busted up over the mountain they went.So we headed back to the cabin for lunch and get a game plan for the evening hunt.We decided to ser some open meadows to see if they were feeding down to tge big medows and springs on the bottoms bear the road at night. Right below the meadow we saw the cows go up this morning I noticed a small spring tgat comes out and helps feed the small stream below. I set up on a edge of a small rise behind a tree below the first ledge. We got tgere aroubd 4:30 and where going to set till almost dark.Man times was standing still it seamed like and I ki.da started lossing focus and got to watching some cattle in the bottom. I had to bulls fighting over a lil red heaifer and was watching them and out tge corner of my I I catch movement and thers a cow elk standing about 110 yrds up to my right on the edge of the ledge. So I sliwly try to lean back hopi.g she dont see me nope to late she barks at me so I set real steal waiting... she barks at me again and walks to the right into a small clump of trees soo I sit tight hoping she doesn't know what I am... she barks again and it sounds like she's kinda behind me( now tines realy dragging and lights is starting to fade) so I ease up the hill to see if I can find her and make a shot happen. As I get to top of the small rise she barks again and I see ger to my right standing in some trees facing me. To my luck there's two trees growing together that block's her view of me so I hit my knees and crawl 10 yrds to tge base of them a oeak around to range her shes 50 yrds quarting to me no shot... she slowly starts toward the medow stoping every so often to look my way...im on my knees laying as close to the ground as I can watching her make her way down hill now shes taking a few steps and stoping and turning to face me everytime shes not looking I slowly raise my body till im up right and can draw. I ranged her abd shes 53 yrds I draw on her and she spins and faces me and barks ans turn broadside aboit to go back up she takes two steps abd turbs her head to ger left and I squeeze the triger and watch my red aluma know fly and I hear it hit her and disappear...she spinns left abd runs up into the trees and is gone....I set there a minute in a daze if just arrowed my first elk on my second bow hunting trip!! I gather my stuff and by this time its just about dark and I decide to give her till morning. Now im running it all through my head was it a hood shot was it light enough to really take the shot so on and one it was a long night. MY buddy keeped telling me dont worry it was a good shot placement by what I told him.Well dawn finally arrived we ate a good breakfast and geaded to find my cow. We get up to the medow and start looking for blood or arrow we search all over abd dont find her or any blood we startef ay 7 and now its almost 9 im stsrting to get worried. I keep going back to wgere we loose her tracks and follow a third set abought 150 yrds and stop to realive my self and to my right I look down and find blood on a log niw im getting happy. I holler at my buddy and we start tracking.first blood is about 200 yrds from the medow.We start following the blood and find my arrow About 30 yrd from the arrow we loose the blood and tracks so we start zigzagging looking for mire blood then tge w shifts and my buddy says you smell that yup we look arou and there she is piled up about 60 yrds from the last drop of blood!! luckily it was in the mid 30 all night and it was only in the 50 degrees when we found her no spoilage!

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Congrats on your elk brother.

Congrats on your elk brother. Maybe next year I'll get lucky too!!!!

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Some good eats! Congrats!

Some good eats! Congrats!

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Great read and congratulations!

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follow up after shot and nice story.

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