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New Leatherman Folding Knives

Leatherman finally decided to offer a series of folding knives. The line seems to have a pretty good offering. Does anyone here own any of these new folders?

I am considering getting the model k500x Leatherman. Yeah like I really need another knife Laugh With it's blade shape, grind, and steel type it just seem like this model would be a great knife for deer. Plus it has only two impliment, a 3.1 inch blade, and fold-in carbiner clip and nothing else to get in the way or broken off. http://www.leatherman.com/products/knives/default.asp

I've always liked Leatherman multi-tools. Have alway found use for my first generation "Wave" model multi-tool around the house, garage, yard, in camp, aboard my plane, in my vehicle etc. While it's not the exact tool for every single job, I have to say that it's the most useful compact tool I own, and has what you need to get you by in a pinch when you need it.

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New Leatherman Folding Knives

Agree about the multi tool. Very handy to have around when one of those inconveniences pop up. Those new knives look pretty nice Yes

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New Leatherman Folding Knives

A friend of mine just bought a new leatherman knife. Not sure what model number it is, but it is neat. It has the knife of course, which is S30V, a damn good metal that holds an edge! It also has a screwdriver bit holder(You can buy the bit kit, for like $20 I think, and it has many other things. I have the new generation Wave, and it has proven itself already. Can't wait to take it in the woods with me!! Yes

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New Leatherman Folding Knives

I got a e305x as a gift last Christmas. It is a great knife and holds a good edge. I transfered into a more management position at work so wearing my Wave to the office (when I am in the office) isnt considered "business casual", who knew? Think So those days I carry my leatherman knife.

Kind of thought that the carbiner option I would seldem use but I see that leatherman promotes it as a bottle opener Thumbs up I lke the knife even more now.

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New Leatherman Folding Knives

If the knives are half as good as their multi-tools they should be excellent. They should make to our shelves in the republic of Kanada in 3-4 years. Brick Wall,)

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New Leatherman Folding Knives

with a leatherman and a Gerber multi tool i was able to repair the front wheel bearing on a motorcycle. havent found a job yet i could not do. anyone else?

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