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New Jersey Bill Would Hand Over Tax Dollars to Animal Rights

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New Jersey Bill Would Hand Over Tax Dollars to Animal Rights Group

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New Jersey Bill Would Hand Over Tax Dollars to Animal Rights

I'm not a bear specialist and I'm not familiar with the bear populations in New Jersey but I would assume that these fun loving, hunting hating, unique individuals have pets and their houses have trash.

If HSUS succeeds in removing all bear hunting from New Jersey, what is going to happen when the bear population explodes, since the only predator is removed (being the hunter) minus disease, and the land becomes saturated with a large Bear posse.

Logically thinking, New Jersey and the surrounding areas are relatively small, so is it possible that the resources available to the bears survival will be consumed to a point where the bears turn to dining in neigboring trash bins, scarfing down an occasional dog, and feasting on left over Ducks and Geese that have been killed by Microscopic lead spray??

Sounds like this potential $95,000 dollars to eradicate bear hunting would only be the tip of the iceberg once the bear population becomes a hazard to surround municipalities.

Further more, how is New Jersey going to handle this possible bear problem, since HSUS is completely opposed to hunting, fishing and trapping!! This basically leaves New Jeresy with an extremely high tranquilizer and re-location bill, which is going to make that $95,000 dollars look like chump change.


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