New Idaho Greenfield Elk Hunts Require Special Precautions

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New Idaho Greenfield Elk Hunts Require Special Precautions

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New Idaho Greenfield Elk Hunts Require Special Precautions

I did this hunt and got an elk. It opened Aug. 1 and it was hot. It was a scramble to get the meat off the animal and into freezer. Unit 8 is interesting; some people welcome hunters; right next door the people may be quite the opposite. Get clear land owner permission and property boundaries in this unit!!!

New Idaho Greenfield Elk Hunts Require Special Precautions

I have some serious issues with this hunt and would urge folks to consider my arguments and contact Idaho F&G if you agree.

1. It is too hot. It is certainly possible to get the elk to a cooler fast enough to avoid spoilage, but the odds are stacked against you.

2. The calves may no longer be reliant on milk, but they are still reliant on their mothers. Most will stand there bawling until they are shot themselves. In a unit that is struggling to maintain bull populations it doesn't make sense to take them out as calves. The antlered rifle season was shortened by 1/3 this year to improve bull:cow ratios.

3. This is not an equal access hunt. It is up to the discretion of the landowner as to whether you are allowed to hunt or not. This is not fair allocation of a PUBLIC resource. If farmers want depredation hunts or depredation reimbursement they should be required to allow access.

4. For those not familiar with the Palouse region, it is almost entirely dryland farming. There is little to no irrigation and everything in the fields (wheat, lentils, peas, bluegrass) is brown this time of year. In fact most of the fields are harvested by mid-August.

5. This has resulted in a major reduction (50%+) in the regular season cow permits in late October and November. These hunts are open on all land where there is equal access and an infinately better chance of getting the animal out without heat damage.

A much better solution to the depredation is to increase the regular season cow tags and have depredation hunts in December and January when the elk in question are actually feeding on the fall planted crops.

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