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New to hunting (not guns) and need a place to learn in W. MD

Hi all - I've been shooting for a long while and I reload, so I'm no stranger to guns. But I never got a chance to get into hunting. I'm 35 and I want to go on my first hunt this next season but everyone I talk to talks about the woefully crowded conditions here in Washington County.

The last thing I want is to either get shot or have an argument over who shot what =) so I am searching for either a piece of private land I can go onto and try my hand or a not-so-crowded public place for my first hunt.

Unfortunately I only know one other person that hunts and he and 4 of his friends have a lease; but I didn't get the impression there was room for one more so I'm on my own trying to track this stuff down.

Any additional advice is welcome - I am reading "The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting" by David Richey and I have been trying to go through the DNR site and I hope to get out into the woods starting in April, but I really have no idea where to go or what to do first.