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New to Hunting, New to Northern Virginia...

I'm new to hunting, forgive me. In Virginia, is it better to shotgun hunt or use a rifle? I don't have any idea on where to go, or what to do. Is there any links for dummies? What shotgun/rifles do you recommend? Help a complete novice out!!!

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New to Hunting, New to Northern Virginia...

First you need to take a hunter education course before you can buy a lisence. Times and locations can be found on Virginias fish and game website. I think you can only use a shotgun in Northern Virginia, depending on how close to D.C. you are. A gun shop would be a good place to start looking for a weapon, not only because they carry them , but the employees may be helpful in steering you towards a good setup for deer. Good Luck

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New to Hunting, New to Northern Virginia...

Welcome to the board and to answer your questions..

It depends on what part of northern virginia, each county has it's different laws and regulations...

Check the virginia pamplet for answers, seasons and such..

Shotgun is best for short range and a lot of knockdown power, the reccomended shot gun i would use is no weaker than a 16 gauge...(10 gauge-16 gauge)

For a rifle, is meant for those long shots and still have those knockdown power at a certain yardage, the best ones is no weaker than a 30-30...

Which i am sure you knew about all this...

I am 15 years old and have been living in virginia my whole life, i was born and raised here in virginia, and still reside here in virginia...i live in fredericksburg, roughly 35 miles away from orange, and maybe 50-60 miles from Washington...

I know in Fauquier county there is allowed shotgun and rifels, but for shotguns i think it is buckshot only, and no slugs, but like i said before, all counties have their different regulations, like you can hunt with a shotgun and a buckshot only in fauquier, but then you can go to Norfolk and use slug...

Virginia is mixed...

I have been hunting deer with my dad since i was 13 and squirrel hunting and small animal game hunting with him since i was 7..

So i wish you good luck this season and god bless! Big smile

PS: Hope i helped a bit! 8)

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New to Hunting, New to Northern Virginia...

im from virginia beach. each county, as mentioned, will have diff restrictions even up to the dates. if your having trouble finding the times and dates for a hunter ed course e-mail my father at [email protected] he is a hunter ed instructor and cordinator. i use a lot of shotgun in va for hunting, mainly cause a lot of the counties i hunt dont allow rifles. if i hunt in a county where you cant use a slug in the shotgun i use my muzzleloader. in the thick, dense, old mountains of virginia a long shot of over 200 yards is not very often at all. i use a good solid 44 leveraction, 30-30 lever action, or 30 harrett in my thompson center for rifle hunting. i save my large bore rifles for trips out west, and powerline hunts. if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail, [email protected]

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