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New to hunting

I'm a high school senior right now and me and my friends decided to go hunting during the summer and I wanted to do some research beforehand. I'm generally completely new to this so if someone can just nudge me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks.

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New to hunting


If you have not done so, you will need to pass a Hunter Education course before you can hunt.

Info for California is available here.

You'll also need to purchase a license for the area you wish to hunt. As for picking a hunting area, perhaps other board members will be able to suggest locations to go, but if not the DFG may have suggestions.

Good luck!

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New to hunting

I agree with the Hunter Safety Course-
you need to decide on what game animal you are going to hunt!
then pick out a gun/rifle that is used for that type of game-
next you need to find a shooting range that will take that kind of weapon- practice practice and more practice-
then you can start looking for a place to hunt!!

there is a great country out there with lots of resources- if utilized correctly and by the rules will be there when your grandkids take up the sport!!!

You only go thru life once- so get it right!
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New to hunting

get a good gun

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New to hunting

You‘d like to hunting during summer, that might a little hard.

Most hunting takes place between early Fall to mid winter, with exception of some Spring Turkey, and spring Bear hunts.

I think Hog hunting is open year around in Socal, but don’t take my word on that.

Like everyone else said Hunter Safety is number one on the list, with out it you can’t hunt in California.

Firearm handling and safety is another very important issue. Most hunters learn this while growing up with other hunter, father, grandfather, brother, uncle etc.

Guns are cool, but they are a thousand times more dangerous than they are cool, so learn all the dos and don’t.

There are a lot more but I’ll stop here and let you work on the first two steps.

Good luck.
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New to hunting

hog hunting in cali is year round, as is the season on jack and black tail rabbits, and of course ol wiley coyote.

I agree with the rest. get a good gun (there could be a huge debate on which caliber is best for each animal) I would recommend getting a versatile rifle that could be good for multiple game animals. (do a search on this website for more discussion on that). Getting a versatile rifle gets you More bang for your buck (no pun intended).

Also practice practice practice. Your practice in the off season is what helps you get results when you hunt.