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new here, planning on buying a muzzleloader

Hey folks,

I've been  hunting for years with rifle & bow but am now planning on buying my first muzzleloader.  I'd rather make the investment on the absolute best quality available on the market.  I've heard good things about the t/c encore pro hunter.  What advice can you folks offer to a newbie?



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new muzzle

I have a t/c Omega I got in a raffle,and shoots great,doesnt break open like the high end models but is fun and cheap to shoot. The encore is on my list to get. Cant go wrong with it.

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First of all, welcome to the

First of all, welcome to the site! My dad owns a Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter and he likes it a lot. I own a Thompson Center Omega Z5 and I love it. Both of them are reliable and very accurate. My brother in law decided that he wanted a muzzleloader after we got ours and he tried out both of ours to see what he wanted to purchase. The thumbhole stock on my omega fits me much better than the stock on my dad's encore pro hunter does. My brother in law agreed and that is what he ended up with. I do not think you could go wrong with either but there in my opinion there is no reason to spend the extra money unless you are going to get other barrels for it. I think it would be cool if my dad got a nice turkey barrel and a 375 H&H barrel for it. I have not been able to convince him to do it yet though.  

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T/C Encore

I have the T/C Encore. Very accurate out of the box. I have it sighted in at 100yds but I have never made a shot farther then 32 yds and my closest shot this year was 10 yds. All shots probably could have been made using any muzzleloader but the T/C gives me confidence. I have owned this for 10 years and have pulled the trigger on game 8 times, and have put 8 elk in my freezer.

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First without knowing where

First without knowing where you live or if you plan on using it for hunting you may want to find out what kind is leagle in your area for hunting.  Some states are requireing for the muzzleloader to have an exposed hammer and use caps instead of 209 primers for the hunting season.  These states are mostly in the northwest.  Any of the Thompsom Center muzzleloaders are quality built rifles that should fit you needs.  You just need to decide if you want one for a muzzleloader only such as the Triumph or Bone Collector or the Encore where you can switch out the barrel for a center fire rifle round.