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New Gun Yee Haw!

I had been working on my uncle for some time regarding a rifle he aquired from my dad way back when. We finally brokered a deal and I picked it up on the way back from my predator hunt on Saturday.

Little history on the gun. My dad purchased this custom rifle from a gunsmith he used back in the early eighties. At the time it was chambered in 458 Win Mag on an Interarms Mauser style action. My uncle said he thinks these were made by Fabrique Nationale. My dad had the gunsmith school at Trinidad State Jr. College rebarrel it to 338 Win Mag with a slightly heavier barrel then a traditional sporter. He felt the added weight would help manage recoil. He also had an adjustable trigger (the brand escapes him at this time) added which breaks at a clean crisp 2 1/2 pounds.

My dad reloaded and shot this rifle a fair amount but never used it for hunting and was drifting away from alot of hunting at this time. He decided to give it to my uncle who living in Wyoming at this time was an elk hunting addict. He thought he would get more actual hunting use with it.

My uncle did a fair shair of reloading for it and found an accurate load with the 210 Nosler Partition. He did take a cow elk and large mule deer buck with it during that time. Due to the rifle being fairly heavy and he doing a lot of bowhunting and when rifle hunting he liked his 270 Weatherby, 280, and 300 Win Mag, he never used it much more.

While being it had the attachement to my dad and since at my uncles age he won't tote a rifle that heavy or hill and dale anymore, I had started to put out the feelers to him I wanted it.

We were able to work out deal where I am going to pay to have an old 30-06 rebarreled for him and I now own the 338 which I'm pretty excited about. It is a heavy rifle at 8 and 1/2 pounds but at 40 yrs old and still in fairly good shape I can tote this rifle in the high country without a problem. It has a 24 inch barrel which I'm happy about to squeeze out every drop of velocity I can. My uncle said due to it's weight and straight stock the recoil is really quite managable. It does wear an ugly orange rubber butt pad which I will replace with a Limbsaver. I'm also going to have my smith pillar and glass bed the length of the action and stock. The quality of wood and finish and checkering are really superb in my opinion.

I plan on using this for a combo elk and deer hunt this coming season. Again, pretty excited as any rifle lover would be to add another one to my collection.

Any other 338 Win Mag fans out there?

338 Win Mag 002.JPG
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thats awesome

very cool.  Those old guns with a fmailiy history are about the best ones to get. 

I have had the priviledge to hunt with a couple of my granddads guns.  Someday I'd like to own them.  Congrats to you for sticking with it and making it happen! 

To make it even sweeter - it is a tool that you are likely to put to good use.

Tell us all about it when you harvest a nice trophy with her.  I'm looking forward to the story

Well done indeed.

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That is a real rifle!!

That is a real rifle!! Beautiful! I believe your uncle is right about who made the interarms actions.