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First time here.....Hello, My name is Chad. I am new to this fourm. I live in Colorado, Mule Deer hunting is what I live for. Looking forward to Oct 30......3rd season Buck hunting on the transition range, get to look over 100's of Deer throughout the season. I have not broke the magic 30" mark YET!

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new to the fourm

Welcome aboard Chad!

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new to the fourm

Hey Chad, good luck on making that 30" mark. You should have a pretty good lot to pick from it sounds like. We don't see that many big racks on mulies up here, but the F&W has a different idea about management for now. They only let us hunt 3 point or better (that's 3 points to a side), which puts a lot of pressure on mature bucks, and they don't permit many doe takes in a year, so the ratio is really tough and the big bucks don't get enough forage usually.

Let us know what you are going to hunt with and how you do, okay?