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New favorite elk recipe

Found this one for sloppy joes.  tried it once with some round steak in the slow cooker and once on the stove with some ground trim meat.  Recommend cutting cummin by half.  Very, very tasty. 


Anyone else have any uncommon or unusual recipes?


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I will have to give that one

I will have to give that one a try. I do have a great recipe for venison curry but I will have to try and track it down. I do not make it very often and so I have to use the article that I ripped out of a magazine so I will look for it and post it for you. Thanks for sharing that. For some reason I have never even put thought to making sloppy joes out of wild game. It sounds like a great idea. And you bet... consider that cummin amount cut in half already.

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Is It Dinner Time Yet?

Sounds tastey.  We've been using game meat for sloppy joes for years but usually cheat & use packaged spice mixes & whatever ground game meat is grabbed first from the freezer.  I'm a fan of cummin so will half to try the full tbsp the first time.  I'll also add a quarter to half tsp of cayenne pepper for a little excitement.

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I absolutely love sloppy

I absolutely love sloppy joes, and I will definately have to try this out if I get a deer this year.  As for the cumin, I really like it, so do you think that I should still cut it in half, or are you making that recomendation based on people not liking it too much?

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I make them with goose and

I make them with goose and duck breast. Had my buddy convinced it was deer thought it was great untill he chomped down on a BB.  He got over it and had one more. I'll give this one a try sounds good.

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Sounds good and I will pass

Sounds good and I will pass onto a buddy that just got a cow elk and now has 350 pounds of meat.  I am sure he will appreciate a little variety in cooking it.

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