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New elk hunter question

I just purchased a Mathews Switchback XT 60# with 250gr carbon express maxema arrows (Nap Quick spin vanes) with 130gr muzzys and a vital gear drop away rest. This is a great set up for whitetail here in Illinois, but I was recently asked on a Utah elk/muley bow hunt in Sept. Will this set up make the kill??? I'm right on at 0-40 yards. What do you think??????

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New elk hunter question


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Yes! Your set up should work well for Wapiti.
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New elk hunter question

drop em dead at that range do a double lunger if possible or heart

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Mathews Switchback

I got a Mathews Switchback last year and love it. After owning one of the original solocams - I can tell you is the best bow ever. Have no fear about dropping an elk - I did last year. Shot placement is the key. Get the lungs and you will have no problem.

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New elk hunter question

My HCA bow is set for 57#. I shot a nice cow with it last year and I never found the arrow because it went right through and kept on going at 15 yards. Your bow should be more than enough.

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