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New Elk & Deer Gun!!

Bought me a weatherby Mark V Euromark yesterday in 7mm WM!
Anybody in Washington State wanna reload some rounds for me/
I will gladly pay you good $$ for them if you have agood recipe with Nosler Partitions. Probably 150 or 160 garin huh? Would that cover both deer & elk???
Help please

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New Elk & Deer Gun!!

You might get a better response in the Reloading forum.

The only way you will be able to get a good load is to leave the rifle with the loader and let that person work it up. That could get expensive
I would suggest 150 gr Partition and either 69.0 grs of Reloader 22 and work up to pressure signs or 75.0 grs of H1000 and work up to pressure signs, Norma brass and Federal 215 primers.

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