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Hey guys/gals: I'm new here. Thought I would let you know something about myself. Live in Alberta, and hunt hard with my two boys. We really enjoy bear hunting, and have made a passion out of it. I used to outfit, but now am employed in the oilfield. I have a business that looks after bear problems, in the field. If I can be of any help to anybody( advise wise) just ask. Your site looks awsome and I'm looking forward to it.

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Hi There,
I'm in Thompson Manitoba and I have been hunting bears for a number of years. I also guide for a local outfitter here in Thompson. How's the bear population out West?. We are getting alot of hits and am looking forward to the fall season as we have some big ones hitting. I took one on the 17th of june with a slug that came in at 6"8" and has a large head.
Glad to see you on the forum as I am new to it myself.

take care

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welcome bearman nice to meet you

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