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Hi, Im new to the board. I've enjoyed scouring the bear hunting forum, although I've never hunted bear, I intend too this spring. I've especially enjoyed the trailcam pics, keep em comin! I find they let me look and judge the bears as to whtether or not I consider them a shooter. I also have found that the posts regarding baiting interesting, I plan on baiting this spring and could use all the tips I can find.

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new to the board!

Welcome aboard.
I'm a newbie as well.

When I set out a bait,I'll put a plastic milk crate over the bait,the put some large rocks on the crate.The holes in the crate allow scent to escape,and the rocks keep the yotes from stealing it.

Good luck.

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start gathering bait now I hunt in minnesota and in our 8 week season I put out almost 2000 pounds of bait. You could use just about any thing for bait in the spring because there is almost no natural foods yet. good luck!