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New Binoculars

I wanted to mention what I thought of the Vanguard Endeavor binoculars I recently received. I already own a pair of Steiner Binoculars, not top end, but very good glasses. I decided to do a comparison test between my proven Steiners and my new Endeavor 1045s(10.5X45). The Steiners are 9X40, for the record.

I used the Vanguards throughout the day, tuning them to my personal eyesight and getting used to them by peering out the back at the farm behind my house. Very clear, once attuned to my eyes. I was wishing I'd gotten them just a few days earlier so I could have wrung them out on a recent hog hunt, but it just didn't work out like that.

When the sun hit the horizon, I got my Steiners out to make a direct comparison between the two similar sets of binos. I was very impressed with the Vangurds, very. They at least matched the low light performance of the nice Steiners. I was surprised, but also pleasantly impressed with their performance. These are excellent quality glasses, both optically and build-wise. Quality finish throughout. Thumbs up

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Thanks Ed.  I wondered about that. The only use I have put the Vanguards through to date is looking out the windows at the back yard, but the tree line is only about 50 yards away so I couldn't really get a feel for how good they were.  They seem very steady - much better than my old Burris set, but I hesitated to compare them with the higher end optics until I could get out and try them at longer distance and under lower light conditions.  You beat me to it!

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Thanks for the review. I

Thanks for the review.

I bought my last pair of binoculars on Impulse in the 400 dollar range, Although they are good I think I need to move up to the next level to really get what I want.

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 That is a good review, and

 That is a good review, and thanks for it.

I have never owned a really good pair of binoculars - and I guess that is a relative statement. For one person, a $100 pair is "good" compared to the $29.95 pair he's had for years. For another person, the $1,000 pair is good, but not nearly as good as the $3,000 pair he just got!

I just ordered a pair of 10x42 Redfields. I did a lot of research and found out what all the numbers mean, what exit pupil and twilight factor are, etc. These Redfields have all the highest ratings that can be expressed in writing - the same as a pair of the most expensive Swarovski's. I know that there must be a difference somewhere, and I have come to the conclusion that the glass in binoculars must be similar to the difference in diamonds. Cut, color and clarity differ greatly from stone to stone even though they may be in the same grouping.

I'll let you know how these binoculars work on my upcoming hunt in Wyoming. I'm sure that they'll be better than the old pair I have that I got for $29.95 back in the day. Big smile

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I have had a lot of different binos over the years, 6 years ago i finaly broke down and bought 10 x 42 swarovskis, i wish i would have done it 30 years ago.



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