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New to bear baiting and looking for advice

Hey all,

My brother and I are going to attempt to bait a bear this next spring. I've been looking into it and I think I have the gist of the idea, but looking for advice from someone who actually has some experience. 

Here are some of the questions I have still;

1) Can I use a plastic drum or will the bears tear it apart? I like the fact that it isn't as heavy and probably more cost effective, however I don't know if it'll get shredded.

2) I'm thinking about hunting unit 39 in Idaho up near Grimes creek or towards Placerville but really I'm not super familiar with this area, so if there are any local Idahoans that would be willing to offer advice that'd be awesome. I'm not looking to steal your spots, just general suggestions on areas would be great.

3) What are your favorite bait ideas? I've pretty much heard everything from donuts and popcorn covered in jellow powder to dog food and syrup, but if there's a trick I haven't heard I'd love your personal experiences. 

4) How does everyone set up their barrel? I want to set it up so it's very apparent how big the bear is, and I sort of have an idea of what that looks like, but the more knowledge I have the better. 

Thanks in advance for any advice you might offer!

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First things first

First - welcome to the forum.  I think that you will find some great advice on BigGameHunt.net  Thumbs up

I'm sure every bait placer has their favorite combination of bear lure.  The first thing to do of course is to make sure that any method you choose is legal in your area.  Here in New York, we can use lures (scents) even scents that smell like food - but NOT bait.  

Good luck, and good hunting!


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Thanks groovy mike for the

Thanks groovy mike for the welcome! I'm pretty excited about getting into this type of hunting. I know it'll be a lot of work, but very rewarding when successful. That's funny you can use scents that smell like food. I can imagine some pretty nasty outfits that are super smelly ha. Here in Idaho we can use one 55 gallon or smaller barrel filled with almost anything but game meat.

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I have been succesful using

I have been succesful using popcorn. it is cheap and light weight.  Popcorn is also good because it forces the bear to stay and eat, because it can't carry popcorn away from the barrel.  I use a 35 gallon metal trash can with a plywood lid that i wired together.  the lid covers about 2/3 of the opening then i bend that side of the can to close it even more, but leave enough space for them to reach in.  then when i fill it with popcorn i compact it to get stuck in so that the bears have to rake it out slowly.  I also get used cooking grease from fast food restaurants and pour 5 gallons over the popcorn every time i refresh the bait.  During fall seasons i get several hundred gallons of apples and pears from old homesteads and trees in public areas.  I have found that feed grade molasses is another good attractant but it is expensive, the grease is free.

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