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new to this animal

i have never hunted this animal and i was wondering how to hunt them?
how do you scout them should i hunt with a muzzleloader bow rife or what and what is them best method (stand hunting stalking ...ect.)
what time of year should i hunt them and what is the best place in oregont to hunt them

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new to this animal

Some people like to use decoys during archery season in order to get in close for a shot.

They are curious creators and it is possible to flag one in, although I think this might be considered baiting and could get you in hot water if used as a part of a hunt.

Lope have great eye sight and speed, if your hunting with a rifle its probably a good idea to get profficient out to 300 yards. That way if you happen upon a herd that you can't get in close on because of wind direction, lack of cover, etc you can pull up with the bipod and bust one.