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Hey everyone! My name is Carlee and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a new CM admin.  

A bit about me - I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest most my life and I enjoy pretty much all things the great outdoors has to offer. Camping, fishing, enjoying sunshine and all that comes with it!

My goal as an admin is to be active and do what I can to help the community. 

With that said, let me know if you have any current concerns, feedback, questions, or issues that I can help tackle. This can range from layout and theme, to design, functions, add-ons (like avatars, points, member information, etc.). I'm aware the site has had issues for a while, and if anyone is still around and wanting to keep the site going then I am here to help. 

I look forward to reading and discussing more on here. Until then, happy posting.