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Hello one and all. I'm new on this board and wanted to post some information that is critical to NV and needs action taken now. Our legislators are at it again. Trying to pull a fast one.

First I'll give you a quick history of myself & hubby. My husband and myself live in N. NV. Right now we own 8 hounds, but been up to as many as 15. My husband loves to hunt mountain lions and has done so for at least 28 years, I've been in the mix for 16 years. We have just about every color of hound there is. We live on 10 acres, have a couple of cows, couple of sheep, couple of chickens. My husband is a underground miner (shifter) and I'm now unemployed but was working as a underground Geology sampler but use to work fires and thinking about going back to that game. That's a quick very short who I am. If any of you know Bob Mc from some of the other hunting forums, he can vouch for me. Usually I don't name drop, but this is urgent and I don't have time for you all to get to know me.

A retired Fish and Game Warden got ahold of one of the outfitters here just the other day. Mike Hornburger in fact. From there Mike got ahold of another outfitter and that outfitter got ahold of his sub-guide and his sub-guide got ahold of us, That is how I found out about this.
What they are trying to do (our wonderful government ) is get the mountain lion off the Big Game list and put on the predator list. Than they want to fly to kill them. We do NOT want that to happen. They could have voted on this Friday but didn't and we just found out about it yesterday, so I'm trying to get the word out so everyone can voice their opinion and Vote on this.

Please follow the links to learn more - - Please Vote at this site

Go to Jerry Claborn’s web site and vote on the wildlife survey. 84% of the 178 people that voted said Mtn. lions should be delisted and are the reason for the decline in deer in NV.

This is a quote from one of the guides

Some of the highlights at the legislature today were,

¾ of the time allotted for AB259 to deregulate Mtn. Lions were given to those who supported the bill

they had Dr’s, Lawyers, and several others that claim the answer to increasing deer and sheep is to rid NV of all predators and shazaam….. =o:p>

Mike Hornbarger was the only outfitter who spoke at the session (nearly kicked out of the meeting for name calling)

Larry Johnson was shown (in bold format) the amendment to the constitution that gives the assemblymen the right to address issues and make decisions

Larry also pointed out that our county game boards, state game boards, and John Q public make a great team when it comes to addressing issues and making decisions but was overruled by Mr. Claborn.

There were several people that made comments against the bill. A 26 year old gentleman, cant remember his name, gave some great points. The best being that if we de-list lions, NDOW will no longer keep records of them and all it will take is another team of anti hunters to cry Wolf or in this case Lion and we now have NV’s first protected predator!

The way I see it they pretty much are unprotected except that we have to buy a tag for $29 and take them in & or inspection when harvested.

I watched via internet on go to listen or view and it shows live meeting.

And from what I gather the environmentalist are keeping their mouths shut. They want this to pass, so they can claim that the lions are endangered, and if that happens, no more lion hunting. As it is now, very few units are being filled as is. Lions aren't the problem. Fish and Game is the problem along with piss poor management of deer. Fire is another one to blame. Disease is another issue that can be blamed.

I gather another issue behind this is Desert Big Horn Sheep. Blaming lions for the decline. From what I gather this is a issue coming from Vegas folks. Need I say more ? I just wonder how many have even seen a desert bighorn sheep, not counting the ones that come in to feed by Lake Mead and are protected.

Now the ranchers around here (some, not all) will be happy about this bill, but you got to get them to realize this is the beginning of the end and no more lion hunting once the environmentalists come in. And they will be trying to come in. We do NOT want to be another CA. We don't want to wipe out the lions. Period. We want them to breed for many years to come and be able to hunt them with dogs for years to come.

Please follow the links and vote at both sites and make comments. PLEASE pass this information on to as many Nevadans as you can. The sooner the better.

Thank You

Moderator ~ if I put this in the wrong spot I humbly apologize and would you please move it to the right spot. Thank You.

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