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Nevada Bear Hunt

OK, i'ts official.  Just a little while ago I hit send on my black bear tag application.  This will be the first year the Nevada has ever had a season.....if the bunny huggers & animal pacifists don't get an injunction to stop it.  They are doing their best to stop the hunt, no doubt using lessons taught from the wolf fiasco in ID/WY/Mt.  At this point all their arguments are political & emotional with absolutely no biological basis. 

Being a pessimist, I won't be surprised if they succeed.  Should they lose however and should I be successful during the season (assuming I get a tag), I might just have to drive by their staging area - maybe ask one if he/she knows of a good recipe &/or taxidermist.

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Good luck  with your

Good luck  with your application, I hope you get one as it we be great to say you were one of the first to ever hold the tag in your state. Like you I never hold my breath as something always seems to screw up my plans especially in a case like this one.

I like your ideas at the end, Maybe you could ask one of them to come along to take pictures also after the hunt.lol

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good luck

good luck! here's to hoping that common sense wins out, that you get a tag and that you fill it!


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Good luck Hal!!! And, don't

Good luck Hal!!!

And, don't be too pessimistic.  They tried to stop New Jersey on the east coast, and it finally went through.  Took a couple of years, but it went through. 

I can't think Nevada is any more left wing than New Jersey, so I bet a bear hunt won't ruffle too many feathers.

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