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Nevada Area 10

Im going to put this as my first choice for 2011, both early and late and archery. Was curious if anyone has experience in this area. Not looking for sweet spots or honey holes, just some general information on the area. I know all these places have unique names for certain areas, just trying to gather as much info as possible? Thanks in advance.

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Ruby Mtn Tags

I'm guessing you're talking about mule deer.  Getting an area 10 tag is about as close to a sure thing in Nevada as you're going to get.  It's typically the last choice on applications with the first 4 choices going to areas with poorer draw odds (not neccessarily poorer hunting or quality of animals. An archery deer tag here is just about guaranteed.  Access can by tough as the majority of the range is surrounded by ranches.  Usually the forest service land is only 1/2 to a mile from the county road but getting permission to cross let alone hunt on private land can require a healthy committment of $'s unless you "know someone". 

There are several public access routes but plan on getting away from them with good boots or horses for the best chance of success as they can be plenty crowded.  Serious backpackers & those with horses consistently take 180+ bucks every year but they rarely come casually.  This mountain range can get steep real quick (only place in NV to hunt Mtn Goats along with the adjacent East Humboldts, & the ONLY place in North America to hunt Himalayan Snow Partridge) so be prepared.

On the east front, there are access point in upper Ruby valley up through Secret Pass and a couple of access points north of Harrison Pass, Harrison Pass itself (with links the east & west sides of the range), and pretty good access from the southeastern part of the range south from Gallegher Fish Hatchery to Railroad Pass.  On the west front there's Soldier Creek, Lamoille Canyon, again Harrison Pass, Pearl Creek south of the pass and a couple of other access point the farther south you get.

You're definitely going to want to get the appropriate Forest Service maps &/ USGS maps.

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garenteed tag

thats a garenteed tag, during the archery season i park at the end of lamoile canyon and start packing in on the rubie crest trail i find good huntin from box canyon all the way down to kleckner canyon an then somtimes on the eastern side of the range in the farve canyon area, expect to see a hand few of people up there but its not as crowded as the other areas in the unit. i have never seen anyone passed farve lake and the people i do see that go up there i see on the trail, i havent ran into anyone down in a canyons when im hunting. but it is alot of foot work, a full day of hikeing to get to the klackner about 6 hours to get to box canyon, but the bucks that you will see up there make it worth it.

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