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Nevada ?!!!

What the hell is wrong with you people over there?

Re Elect Harry Reid?  15% unemployment? The war in Iraq is lost, the Surge has failed?

I don't care that the Dems remained in control of the Senate but Harry Reid needed to go.

Thank God we here in Florida did our part and got rid of Allen Boyd, Alan Grayson and put Charlie Crist out to pasture. We put in Marco Rubio and Jeff Miller to the Senate and Steve Southerland into the House along with Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West and we put Rick Scott in the Governor's Mansion.

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It didn't hurt Reid in that

It didn't hurt Reid in that most of the votes came from Clark County or the Vegas area witch is mostly democrat. 

But the republicans could of found a better opponent than Angle.  From what I saw she was running scared the whole race and when push came to shove she didn't do what she needed to do. 

But then again I am in a fine place where the republicans put up a farce for govonor that would have a hard time wipping a wet noodle.  Then Tancrado showed up and created kaos and came in second.  That and the Bennet/Buck race where nobody liked Bennet but the fine folks in Boulder and that is what got him elected.  It always seams like some people need to be beat over the head with a 2x4 before they see the light and when they get there the light is burnt out. 

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Hey JT, who is the Colonel

Hey JT, who is the Colonel that you guys elected tot he house down there, who's African-American?  I heard him interviewed on the Savage radio show yesterday, and man, I really like the guy.  He doesn't dodge questions, he answers them directly.  Talks about honor, and carries alot of his beliefs over from the military.  You guys got a good one there.

And Rubio, he's an up and comer for sure!!! Thumbs up

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