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Need input on hunting clothes and gear

I do a lot of hunting in the flatland plains in the midwest, but have never hunted in the mountains nor have I ever hunted elk.  My first elk hunt is scheduled for the last week of October in the south Jackson area of western Wyoming (within an hour SE of Jackson).  We will be using pack horses for getting to our camp (about a 3-4 hour ride in), and then will use the horses each day to move out to the hunting areas (about 1-2 hours each way).

The big question I have for now is what does a person need for effective hunting clothes for this time of year and for this area?  I know I need to plan a layered approach, but how heavy does a person need to be prepared for?  What about boots?

Also, I am looking into buying a good quality backpack.  I have looked at the Badlands 2200 and 2800, as well as the Eberlestock X1a (the new one made for rifle use only).  Anyone have any experience with any of these or have another recommendation?

My hunt is but three LONG months away.  I can't wait! Confused Confused

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Did your guide recomend

Did your guide recomend anything for you to bring?  That late in the year I would recommend some wool but any of the synthetics work well also.  That time of year you could expect just about anthing in the way of weather and with you packing in on horseback weight is a factor so you can't bring the kitchen sink.  I would suggest something in the line of Cabela's Ultimate Suede line  http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/pod/horizontal-pod.jsp?_DARGS=/cabelas/en/common/catalog/pod-link.jsp_A&_DAV=MainCatcat470076-cat601736_TGP&rid=&indexId=cat601736&navAction=push&masterpathid=&navCount=2&parentType=index&parentId=cat601736&id=0006490

The jacket can be broke down to just a light jacket or use the insulated liner if it gets cold and it is water proof.  As far as boots, that all depends on how you take the cold.  I have seen hunters that buy nothing but non-insulated boots and are fine where others buy boots with a 1000 thinsulate rating but I would recomend nothing above 400 or 600 if you are going to be doing any hiking and you really need to get the boots soon to get them broke in.  Water proof or resistant is a no brainer on the boots also.  As far as a hat get a couple, one a baseball style and the other a wool or synthitic beenie.  You might also look at a full face mask also they are nice if the wind starts to blow or while riding the horse into the hunting area.  I don't know what kind of long johns you prefur but any lightweight material ones will work Cabela's has multi grades of them to where you can be warm in any kind of weather. 

Some others will jump in here and recommend some other things that either that I left out or that they know works. 

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Need input on hunting clothes and gear

I don't know the weather there that time of year, but as mentioned above it appears you have a guide and I would certainly pick his brain on the issue. Layering is best, so you seem to have that covered. I pretty much prepare for rain when I go, and if later in the year, expect to get cold, bringing thermals, warm beenie, and a scarf if I can find it, LOL. I hate being wet, so I bring extra pants, long sleeve t-shirts, socks, etc. than I may actually use. I have a set of rain gear, and bring two pairs of boots. Not sure what you can bring with the horses and all though...?

Sounds like great fun, good luck!

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Depending on how far you

Depending on how far you anticipate getting away from your horse each day you may not need an overly large backpack.  Forget the cubic inches of mine but even with us doing a drop camp without horses I would not want one any larger and if we were using horses some of what will be in my pack would instead be lashed to my saddle, field cleaning kit with small block and tackle as well as extra water come to mind.  Probably other stuff as well.

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