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Need a hunting partner.....

I need a partner in the san diego area , I am 23 my names brandon, and new to hunting..... Im a avid tv bow hunter, since I watch hunting shows on a regular base...haha id like to get out and put the work in, do some early season scouting to take a turkey or even just watch u take a bird,im not some punk kid just trying to get on some private land,i work full time at a local utility company, The spring turkly season is right around the corner, id would like someone to give me advice and show me the ropes in the julian area or any where in particular in the genral area ....... If that would be possible ,im just a dude that hasnt grown up hunting........... I resently bought a bow and have been practicing almost every day......... I have a group patten of 6in at 45 yards and sure I can stick a gobler, if you have any suggestions or would like help me, please respond thanks

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Welcome tot he site Brandon. 

Welcome tot he site Brandon.  I am from north San Diego county, and I hunt deer and turkey, with gun and bow.  Not very successful as of late, but I still try.... Wink

I would be happy to exchange general info with you, and answer some of your questions.  For now, here is a great place to start.


It's a great event that I try to go to whenever I can.  They have drawings at 1 PM for hunts on the city property at the lake.  They have great turkey numbers there, and the spots are in high demand.  It does not cost to enter, but if you get drawn, you pay.  Not much, maybe $50 total, give or take.  You can also sight in your shotgun that day, plus they have booths set up and calling contests, etc.  It's a fun event.


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hey right on im new also ! my name is aaron from north county grew up in imperial valley  ,,, i bird hunt alot but yet to get a gobbler or big game ,,, workin on a hog hunt with a friend pretty soon ,,  that turkey hunt is right around the corner ,, ive seen lots and had a couple chances to take but they flew into private land ,, lots in julian ,, eagle peaks area ,, i call em PRIVATE TURKEY !! GOOD LUCK TO U GUYS AND KEEP IN TOUCH 

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