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Need Help in NJ

Subject: A3764
We are experiencing the most serious threat of all against hunting,
fishing and trapping in New Jersey.

The future of these traditional activities-which we've enjoyed since
the founding of our nation-are in jeopardy if N.J. bill A3764 is

This bill, sponsored by State Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, destroys the
original enabling legislation that created the Fish & Game Council in
1948. It subjugates the elected Fish & Game Council to a political
appointee (Commissioner of the Department of Environmental
Protection) the absolute power provided to the Commissioner removes
all authority of the council. In addition the bill adds 7 new
members, which are to be appointed by the Governor. It can be
expected that a governor with ties to animal rights organizations,
that these members will be animal rights activists with a propensity
to disregard and ignore the research and scientific data utilized in
wildlife management decisions, relying more on emotion than reality.
The data and techniques used by the Fish & Game Council and The
Division of Fish and Wildlife has proven to be sound wildlife
management for the last 70 years. In addition adding 7 new members to
the council will increase the council expenses borne by the sportsmen
and women of New Jersey, by approximately 50%.

Stripping the Council of its authority and increasing the size of the
council is really a political move to satisfy those who want to ban
hunting, fishing and trapping in New Jersey. If the change in the
makeup of the Council does not provide the changes the administration
wants then the power afforded the Commissioner would allow that
political appointee to cancel any action proposed by the Council. An
appointee serves at the discretion of the sitting Governor. The
Governor's agenda is reflected in an appointee's decisions or he/she
is out.

The damage done by this bill would be devastating, akin to the way
the Insurance Commission
(a political expedient to manage the insurance industry) runs the
insurance industry. Their record shows that they have driven out most
of the insurance carriers because of political solutions to real

Eliminating the professional way we have up to now, controlled
wildlife in New Jersey will seriously impact all the flora and fauna
of the state. Wildlife populations would be uncontrolled, promoting
the spread of disease, increasing conflicts between animals and
humans, especially our farming communities, placing the very habitat
the wildlife uses in serious jeopardy of destruction from
overpopulation. The Fish & Game Council and The Division of Fish and
Wildlife have provided the most effective, cost efficient way to keep
a healthy balance between the available habitat, resources and
numbers of wildlife populating the state.

To defeat bill A3764, arguably the most devastating to ever face
outdoor enthusiasts in our state, we need to mobilize as many of our
allies both in New Jersey and across the United States.

That is why we are asking for your help in raising awareness of our
battle to preserve our heritage as well as convince N.J. legislators
to leave intact the laws that have, for decades, successfully
governed our state's wildlife-conservation programs.

Thank you.


The Warren County Federation of Sportsmen

Scott Armstrong, President
Butch Shoemaker, Vice President
Ed Mayer, Corresponding Secretary
Scott Moser, Recording Secretary
Tony Wonsala, Jr., Treasurer
Jason Armstrong, Chair, "Save Our Heritage" Committee

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Need Help in NJ

I have read about that bill, for the sake of NJ hunters I hope it doesn't pass. It sounds like it is simply an attempt to make game management (which has to happen whether people like it or not) a political process.

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