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need help

my name is anthony ritchie im a disabled vet.im still active in a WTB program that works with wounded soldiers.i have had 7 surgerys,with 3 to go,i have ptsd,annxity,depression,and tbi.im awaiting surgerys and going to MED board where my 17 year carrier will come to a end.i need your help.i love to hunt 4 legged animals the most deer family,hog,preditars,bear,and i do some turkey hunting.because of my injurys i stay locked up in my house i have pulled away from family and friends,even my wife and i have hard time talking.so hunting is the only thing i do that i escape the tourment.even my shrinks push for me to hunt more.my unit has tryed to help find hunts with no luck.my wife evn tryied to help with getting me a trip to texas last year which i lover but we are still paying for.i did get drawed for 1 hunt with a local buckmaster group which i thank so much.and my dad took me on hog hunt which i killed a 330pound boar.but i can not afford these hunts.the help i need is from fellow hunters.im a member or wounded warrior project,and have looked for some hunts.but i need your help do any of you know of people or sites that help wounded soldiers get hunts.so please help me im looking for any kind of hunt and really need help getting to them.im no bumb i hate asking for help but iv been told there is alot of places that look to take wounded soldiers on hunts.please help mehunts are all that gets me through the hell i go through.so if any of you know of people or websites that take wounded soldiers hunting please email me anytime.thank you all and good hunting....    [email protected]

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Anthony, first of all welcome

Anthony, first of all welcome to the site.  Secondly, a big thanks for your service!!!  Sorry to hear what you are going through, but it appears that you are trying to stay positive.  Hunting and fishing are great ways to relax and get away from the other stresses of life.

What area are you from?  I see you talk about a trip to Texas, but what part of the country do you live in?  Not sure about other areas, but there are activities quite often where I am in southern California dealing with Wounded Warriors.  We had a few fishing trips this past summer, and they recently had a duck hunt, and will be having a pig hunt in the next month or so.  Lots of good stuff going on.

Hopefully you will find some people to hook up with.  Good guys on this site, and surely they will be able to point you in the right direction.  Good luck!

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I can understand what your

I can understand what your going thru. My best friend from high school had all that stuff too. He did two tours in Vietnam as a field medic. Good luck. You can escape a lot of it, at least enough to have a reasonably normal life. Good luck finding someone to go hunting with. Where do you live?

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  Here are a couple of links


Here are a couple of links to non-profit organizations that have a single focus - taking our combat wounded veterans on hunting trips to help in their healing process. 


http://www.huntsforhealing.org/about.php and


I add my thanks for your service to this country and wish you well in your hunting efforts.

And welcome to BGH!  This is a great web site for your hunting pleasure.  And we look forward to your hunting stories and pictures in the future.



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Welcome to the site and thank you for your service. 

It is a long wait between deer seasons!  To make it a few months shorter I branched out into turkey and goose hunting.  If you throw in small game, varmints, and other birds you can hunt near year round just about anywhere in the country!


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Anthony, What part of the


What part of the country are you in?


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BGH Outfitters and Guides

Welcome to BGH Mr. Ritchie. Thank you so very much for your service to this country. Dont really know what area that you are from so I just included a link to all the outfitters and guides that have listed with BGH. You can find it on the Homepage. An email to one located near you explaining your situation and suffering on behalf of the citizens of this Great Nation and I am sure arrangements can be made for you. Good Luck with your search both spiritually and huntingwise. 


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