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need coyote tips

i was wondering if someone would help me i wanna know when the best time  of the year is to hunt coyotes and how to get atract them should i bait them and if so with wait or should i call them and with what call and if so both and where should i set up to hunt them where do they like to hide out?

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Given advice on calling on the other threads seems you'd know the answers to your questions. Perhaps you're gunning to win that gun in the contest?

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(No subject)


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good thread potential

From reading other threads, I would guess that Steven has a pretty decent handle on the yote chasin game.  However, regardless of motive, I believe this thread has the potential of creating some good discussion and even those who have been playin the game for a while might glean some knowlege from others.  Would probably be better to split the questions up into seperate threads, otherwise it can become confusing.

In answer to all the questions;  Depends on where you are. 

Best time of year & where to find'em is different in TX than in MN. 

Calls are good, but in my experience less is often more. Depends on how heavily your hunting area is called by others.  Don't think our Yotes are smarter than in other parts of the country, but they sure learn fast.

Bait is pretty universal, something dead that has had time to ripen is great. The longer it's out there, the better.  Nothing beats staging over a dead cow when prey is in short supply.  Smaller stuff is OK, but unless the critters are down wind or had ample time to find it without hauling it off, it probably would do more to mask your scent than anything else.

winds be with ya


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