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Nebraska Deer Stolen!

Hate to see things like this happen.  Heck of a buck too.  Hopefully you can view it, without being a member. Hopefully someone will try to get this mounted or try to sell it, and they'll get caught.



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Wow! Take a look at that

Wow! Take a look at that buck. He's huge! In love

I know that guy is sick to his stomach. That is the low of all lows, stealing someone else's trophy deer. Why would someone do that? First of all, it isn't yours. Secondly, you're a thief. Third, you can't get it mounted because the taxidermist will turn you in. So what are you going to do? Put the horns in the attic or sell it. That's about the only options available. What a lowlife to steal someone's trophy deer.

Maybe the DNR needs to push the legislators into passing a law that would make for stiff penalties and jail time for this kind of game violation.

I agree with one of the postings on the other forum. I would have skinned the deer out and put him in the safe. Hahahahaha....Not the safe, but the freezer until I could get him to the taxidermist.

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Their R sum Sick Puppie's out

Their R sum Sick Puppie's out there!...And the GooD BooK say's it's gonna get worse....

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Hard to believe that someone would do that. Hard to believe anyone could feel good about "sporting" someone else's antlers and bragging about how they took the big buck. Worst of all is that it's more than likely a fellow hunter as who else would want the antlers but another hunter. Now that part is downright sickening, downright sickening!  Confused