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Nebraska Beast - Shot by an Out of Stater!

Guys -

I hope no one already posted this - take a look at this BEAST.

I am not a huge fan of non typicals but this one is scary.

Best - or worst part - is that it was killed by a young hunter who was also an out of state hunter.

He was very humble about it though and firmly stated that only a lucky hunter gets a buck like this!





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all I can say

Well, all I can say is that I'm glad I let him walk last season so he added another 10-15" of antler, cause he looks a little better this year. YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!

Holy macaroni that's a giant deer. I mean he's pretty darn big. Bigger than any of mine! (picked yourself up off the floor from laughing yet?)

That will likely be, IMHO the 2nd best non-typical ever shot anywhere.  Yes Yes

That cactus buck would be tuff to beat! 


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That is one huge whitetail!

That is one huge whitetail! It looks like points are going everywhere. Congrats to Wesley! Thumbs up He was right, there is a whole lot of luck in being in the right place to shoot a buck like that.

I can see it now, the hunting rent in NE is going to skyrocket. First, a potential world record, typical whitetail. Now, a potential state record, non-typical whitetail in the same year. The landowners are loving it. But the blue collar hunter is going to have to find another state to hunt because the price of hunting in Ne is on the rise.

Just a shoulder mount, I think I would get a life-size mount if it is a state record. That's just my opinion.

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Yeah Jim, that's over a year

Yeah Jim, that's over a year old, and was talked about alot, at least on the Nebraska forum I am a member of.  Think it may have been posted here way back when too, but not sure.

It's a heck of a deer.  The native Nebraskans were having a field day with the fact that it was killed by an out of stater though.

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