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NC Bear hunting help

I am currently deployed to Fort Bragg NC and have been doing my homework for the last couple of months. I just wondered if there was anyone out there who could give me any info on bear hunting in NC. I am looking at the Nantahala arae only because of numbers, I plan on still/spot hunting. If anyone could give me an idea of where to start I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks

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NC Bear hunting help

BrianR, almost all the bear hunting East and West is done in front of dogs due to the thick underbrush. There is some stand hunting down East. Probably some opportunities to spot/stalk, but what you need is some up to the minute info on exactly where the bear is. There is a guide down East, Mike Noles aka Conman, who runs about 60% success on stand hunting for bear. That is pretty darn good. Public land bear hunting in the East has improved drastically with the addition of 18,000 acre Buckridge Game Land; it's right in the heart of the good bear country along the Alligator River. You can get in touch with Mike Noles at [email protected] He is an honest man by all acounts and will work to get you a chance at your bear. That's about all anyone can ask for. Probably booked up for this year but that will give you time to assemble the necessary funds. For a chance at bear on public lands I would look to the two 3 day seasons at Buckridge Game Land this season. Good luck.
I am hoping to be hunting Bragg for deer soon.

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